The geographical origin of the new inhabitants in Ober-Olm after the Thirty Years' War

The following table shows the place of origin for those persons who became new inhabitants in Ober-Olm during the last years of the Thirty Years' War and the decades after its end, as far as it could be identified from the church records. The christenings (T) were checked until 1688, the marriages (E) until 1700. After 1699, however, the church records are incomplete, and the entries are very shortish and only rarely contain information about a person's place of origin. Unfortunately, this also holds true for the Serbont family which is the most interesting for us here.

The table contains the family names and occupations, as far as they are mentioned. Sometimes, the place of origin is also given for the wives, for which reason there are names in the list not appearing otherwise in Ober-Olm. The column "Herkunftsangabe" contains the information as it was given in the church records. In case the information is unclear, the column contains a word-by-word excerpt from the entry. The column "Identifikation" attempts an identification of the place resp. of the area. This is not in all cases possible. The combination of letters and digits given in some cases refers to the atlas used for the search (Mercedes-Atlas Deutschland/Europa 1999/2000).

Of course, very many persons come from the direct vicinity, especially from Klein-Winterheim; or rather, they probably even lived there. Apart from that, it can be seen that the first immigrants - still during the war - came from Franken and Th├╝ringen; after that, a lot came from Mainz and the Rheingau on the one hand, and from Lothringen on the other hand. Luxemburg, Brabant and Flandern are mentioned several times, too. More rarely, the immigrants come from the Southern areas like W├╝rttemberg, Tirol or Austria.


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